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Add These Ingredients to Your Football Party Snack Mix

Posted on November 5th, 2022
Football snacks

Written By Sam Henselijn

Football Party Snack Mix. Whether you’re a true sports fan or simply interested in the ads or the halftime show, football season is always exciting. But when it comes to a great game day, no party would be complete without a few snacks to munch on the whole time. Whatever your plans are, hosting a get-together is simply more enjoyable with good food involved! 

To make your life easier, here are a few of our favorite products and some delicious ideas of what to make with them! Ready for some football party snack mixes? 

7 Football Party Snack Mix

Toasted corn nuts 

Toasted corn nuts alone are perfect for a movie night snack, or as a

Toasted-corn-top-view-www Lorentanuts Com

mid afternoon salty, crunchy treat! Mix with a few more ingredients and you’ve got a party. 

Cajun sticks 

Our Cajun sticks are a not-so-common snack that we’re confident your guests will love! These delightful crunchy bites are bursting with flavor and will lend an incredible taste to any snack mix. 

Salted caramel pretzel bites 

Salted caramel pretzel bites – need we say more? Pretzel pieces, coated in a salted caramel candy shell. Flavor in every bite! It’s the perfect addition to a sweet and savory snack mix. 

Milk chocolate covered pretzels 

Nothing beats chocolate covered pretzels! Delightfully smooth milk chocolate, paired with crispy, slightly salty pretzel twists? Sublime. They’ll elevate any party mix! 

Texas Trail Mix

A nut mix that tastes like the warmest of hugs. Straight from

Football Party Snack Mix

Texas, this fantastic blend of cinnamon pecans, honey toasted pecans, pecan halves and salted sunflower seeds will satisfy all of your cravings. 

Roasted salted peanuts 

Roasted salted peanuts are the OG game-day snack! Nutty, toasted, savory, crunchy, and so, so easy to enjoy. Mix them with a few of your favorite sweet treats for the ultimate snack mix. 

Fruity Goodness mix 

Hey, healthy can be fun too! Our Fruity Goddess Mix makes for a lovely addition to any trail mix / snack mix recipe. A blend of golden raisins, seedless raisins, diced apples, papaya chunks, and dried whole strawberries. 

Football Party Snack Mix 

Cheesy Snack mix 

All of your favorite savory, crunchy, cheesy snacks are tossed together in an easy to make, irresistible combination of flavors. Once you taste how flavor-packed this snack mix is, you’ll be hooked for life.

Mix together: rice cereal, mini pretzels, white cheddar popcorn, cheese crackers, and salted peanuts. 

Caramel Churro Snack Mix 

No combination could ever be more comforting – or wildly delicious – than cinnamon + sugar, right? Well, add some caramel to that mix and you’ve got something truly out of this world! It’s the perfect party mix. 

Mix together: your favorite cinnamon cereal, our Texas trail mix (which comes with cinnamon pecans, honey toasted pecans, pecan halves and salted sunflower seeds), and a couple handfuls of our salted caramel pretzel bites. 

Savory-Cajun Snack Mix 

A fun party mix with a delicious Cajun flavor for some extra “pizzazz”. Your friends will love this one: savory, crunchy, buttery, and ever so slightly spicy! Truly the best combination. 

Mix together: toasted corn nuts, cajun sticks, roasted peanuts, and mini pretzel twists. 

After combining all ingredients in a large bowl, melt some butter (about 1 stick for every 8 cups of snack mix!) in a small pot and mix a couple spoonfuls of your favorite Cajun seasoning in it. Pour it over the snack mix and mix to coat. Now pour the coated mix onto a rimmed baking sheet lined with foil. Bake in a  250F oven for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes or so. Let cool before serving! 

Halloween Snack Mix

There is a good chance you’ll end up with leftover candy around the house around Halloween, right? Problem solved! This simple snack mix is perfect for parties or as homemade gifts for friends and neighbors. 

Mix together: salted caramel pretzel bites, mixed nuts (try our Texas trail mix!), some freshly popped popcorn, and of course, candy corn! 

Game-Day Trail Mix 

If you’re looking for a relatively healthier option that still delivers flavor, crunch, and that addictive combination of salty & sweet, this one’s for you! 

Mix together: Fruity goodness mix (with golden raisins, seedless raisins, diced apples, papaya chunks, and dried whole strawberries), salted peanuts, and chocolate covered mini pretzels. Feel free to add more nuts as well, or some toasted coconut flakes!

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