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8 treats that are perfect for your next movie night

Posted on February 10th, 2023
Movie night

Written By Sam Henselijn

Treats. When you think about movie night, you might immediately picture yourself cozying up on your couch with your feet up and a giant bowl of popcorn. But who says popcorn is the only snack you should have while watching a movie? After having the same thing for the millionth time, your movie night snacking might begin to taste a little bland. So we decided to put together a list of our favorite movie night treats! We’ve included a variety of sweet and salty options, so whether you’re watching a cute romance, drama, mystery or a scary movie, you’re bound to find a perfect snack to fit your every mood. 

But hey, we’re not judging anyone, so if you absolutely must have popcorn, here’s a pro tip: there’s an art to creating the perfect popcorn-candy combo. Think freshly popped salty popcorn, butter, and a either sweet & sour surprise or glorious melted chocolate all in one bite. So go ahead. Pour a generous handful of any of the sweets below into your hot bucket of popcorn. It’s the stuff of dreams, we’re telling you… 

Without further ado, here are our top 8 movie night treats to enjoy in the comfort of your home: 

Pretzels treats

Pretzels are a grab-and-go classic that really hit the spot when

Yogurt-pretzel -

you’re craving something crunchy and salty. Plain pretzels may seem like a boring choice, but there are plenty of options out there, including these irresistible chocolate covered pretzels, and these lovely yogurt covered ones. Sweet and salty, best combo ever.  

Sour & Sweet Combo

Sour candy is a firm favorite among classic movie snacks. Our sweet & sour combo gives you the best of the best, with six of our top selling candies: sour twin cherries, sour neon worms, assorted fruit slices, jelly beans, jelly beans sour assortment, and gummy red lips. All the lip-smacking, tongue-tingling sour flavors in one joyous kit. Perfect for sharing. 

Supreme Trail Mix 

If you’re looking for a healthier movie snack, a trail mix is the

Supreme-trailmix-perspective-www Lorentanuts Com Chocolate Trailmix

perfect option. Packed with vitamins and minerals from both the dried fruit and the nuts, our Supreme Trail Mix is both delicious and nutritious. You get a mix of golden raisins, seedless raisins, roasted and salted pumpkin seeds and roasted and salted peanuts topped off with our irresistible chocolate gems. This will satisfy all your sweet and salty cravings while fueling your body throughout the day!


Peanuts are another staple of snack foods, on just about any situation. Although simply salted and roasted peanuts are a safe and dependable choice, don’t overlook how enjoyable it is to munch on these savory nuts during a flick. Not convinced? Then give these Boston Baked Beans and our French Burnt Peanuts a chance and you won’t regret it. Better yet, throw them all together in a large bowl for sharing.  

Gummy bears

We all love gummy bears… The world’s most famous confection

12-flavor-gummy-bears-perspective-www Lorentanuts Com Jawbreaker Psychedelic Bruiser
12-flavor-gummy-bears-perspective-www Lorentanuts Com

certainly doesn’t need an introduction: everyone knows what they taste like. From cherry and strawberry to orange and pineapple, they come in all colors and flavors. While the traditional bears are sure to please, make sure you also try these white chocolate covered ones for a fun spin on the classic gummies. 

Mango Chile 

If you feel like being adventurous, how about these dried mango slices coated with chili powder? It’s a sweet, spicy, tangy, and totally addictive treat made with real ingredients: mangoes are rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, calcium, iron and potassium. They’re perfect on their own, but if you’re looking to impress your friends, they’d also be fantastic for a cheese platter…

Milk Chocolate Caramels

Take your candy game to the next level with these Milk

Sea-salt-vanilla-caramels-www Lorentanuts Com Jawbreaker Psychedelic Bruiser

Chocolate Caramels. Smooth, silky milk chocolate and chewy caramel. What’s not to love? A treat the whole family will enjoy. Ps: when we mentioned the perfect popcorn-candy combo, this is exactly what we had in mind. Add a handful of these to your still-warm popcorn and thank us later. 

Wasabi Peas  

Our Wasabi Peas will tickle your taste buds and make you crave more with every bite. These green peas are coated in spicy wasabi goodness. Have you been looking for a snack that really packs a punch? This is it. If you’re hosting a movie night with friends or family, try putting out a generous buffet of everyone’s favorite treats. Just make sure to include these: they are always a hit!

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