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7 Bulk Trail Mixes for Your Next Event

Posted on June 4th, 2022

Written By Sam Henselijn

Bulk Trail Mixes. Trail mix isn’t just for hiking anymore! 

With people becoming more and more focused on their health, trail mix uses are branching out. While you can still grab a handful of Hiker’s Delight and hit the trail, trail mix has a plethora of other uses. From gift bags to catering, bulk trail mix can be the solution to many of life’s questions. Our trail mixes are ethically sourced with the highest quality ingredients. They can be ordered in 10lb or 25lb cases that ship directly to your door. Not sure which trail mix to use? We’ve curated 7 Bulk Trail Mixes for Your Next Event that will solve all your party planning woes.

What is bulk sizing?

The term “bulk sizing” refers to purchases made in large volumes. In our case, that means ordering our delicious products in 10lb and 25lb cases. Our Hiker’s Delight Mix, in fact, comes with more than 114 servings in one 10lb case! Our bulk mixes come loose in the box instead of individually packaged to make storage and resale easier for you. 

Where are these products sourced?

We ethically source all of our products and only use the highest quality in

What is the benefit of purchasing in bulk?

Bulk purchasing offers a variety of benefits, but the largest

Lorenta-trailmix-perspective-www Lorentanuts Com Jawbreaker Psychedelic Bruiser

incentive is price. Bulk purchases offer more product for less money per pound. Consider our L’Orenta Chocolate Trailmix: bought outside of bulk, it costs roughly eight dollars a pound. However, if you buy it in bulk, a 10lb box can cost you as little as $6.79 a pound. Our bulk sizing also comes in a large box, so repackaging your trail mix into bins, bags, or tins for resale is extremely easy.

Bulk purchasing is also convenient in terms of resale. Rather than purchasing dozens of small bags of trail mix, consider repackaging bulk orders. Our trail mixes can be safely stored in large batches for customers to create their own assortments. If self-service does not fit your company brand, our mixes are easily portioned into packaging that matches your company’s theme.

Still asking why you should purchase in bulk? It’s convenient! Large events like weddings, sporting events, and parties can be easily supplied with bulk purchases. Whether you are filling party favors with our Harvest Trail Mix or creating the perfect snack spread, our bulk trail mixes have everything you need.

What kinds of events suit bulk purchases?

Weddings and Baby Showers:

We know what you’re thinking: trail mix?! At a wedding?! While it may seem a little uncouth, trail mix can be a great solution for peckish guests. Our Salo’s Select Blend can be a beautiful edition to a pastel, spring wedding. Use this natural blend of pumpkin seeds, cashews, and macadamia nuts to fill the space between meats on a charcuterie table. The same blend can also be an edible filler for centerpieces and flower arrangements. Don’t forget that trail mix also makes a perfect wedding favor! Rebag the mixes into sachets with “Join us on our trail” labels. Your guests will love them!

Themed Parties:

Everyone loves a good theme party! Finding foods that fit a

Pina-colada-trail-mix-perspective-www Lorentanuts Com Chocolate Trailmix

theme can be a little difficult, but buying trail mixes in bulk can cut down on some of the stress. Since our trail mixes come with such diverse ingredients, they can suit a variety of purposes. For a beach or ocean themed party, our Pina Colada Trail Mix is a perfect option. The dried diced pineapples are a wonderful addition to a fresh tropical beverage. Yogurt-covered raisins and milk-chocolate cherries are wonderful buoys and beach balls on an ocean themed cake. You can even use the white chocolate coconut almonds, cashews, and peanuts to make sand and waves.

Holiday Parties:

Holiday parties can become extremely expensive without careful planning! Thankfully the right bulk snack can take away a lot of stress. When thinking about gifts, it’s hard to go wrong with giving food! For the younger members of the family, our Royal Cranberry Trail Mix can be put into small jars as a nutritious and colorful gift. Simply label the jars as scraps from Santa’s workshop! Our Royal Cranberry mix can also be used to create individually packaged cookie decorating kits. L’Orenta Chocolate Gems make great holiday lights. Our dried cranberries and raisins can be used as the coal eyes and buttons for a snowman cookie, too. 

Super Bowl and Sporting Events:

Are you looking for an easy way to feed a group of ravenous fans? While some trail mixes can be considered mild or bland, our Kickin’ Nut Mix is the exact opposite! Fiery wasabi peas make this mix super spicy and pair well with dips and hot sauces. Portion this bulk mix into individual containers or spread it out as garnish on your snack table. If you’re hosting a large sporting event, our bulk packaging also makes selling individual portions quick and easy.

Kickin-nuts-bulk-www Lorentanuts Com Nut Mix
Kickin-nuts-bulk-www Lorentanuts Com

With so many versatile uses, there’s no reason not to order trail mix in bulk for your next event! Providing sweet, salty, and crunchy snacks that fit your theme has never been easier. From selling out refreshments at your favorite sport game to stocking up on party favors, we have you covered. Planning your event today?

Check out 7 Bulk Trail Mixes for Your Next Event, and feel free to contact us with any questions. We have your satisfaction in mind.

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