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6 Goodies to Celebrate National Chamoy Day

Posted on July 21st, 2022
Chamoy Goodies Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

When is national chamoy day? Spoiler Alert: June 13th of each year. I’m a big fan of Mexican food, but my favorite by far is Chamoy. It’s not a food in itself but rather a condiment that complements candy or snacks. I can’t think of a better snack than the one that is covered with the amazing red sauce that is not spicy, but it is. Not extremely sweet, but a bit sweet. Just perfect. Let’s talk about 6 goodies to celebrate National Chamoy Day. 

On June 13, we have a date with Chamoy and the best candy in the world. ‘Dulces enchilados’. This is how Chamoy covered candy is usually known in Mexico. National Chamoy Day is a day to enjoy and have some fun eating some delicious candy and doing what Chamoy does best: combine all kinds of flavor.

In this article, you’ll find some great Chamoy candy to enjoy on this special day. Before we jump into the candy, let’s take a look at the history of the origins of Chamoy. 

Origin of Chamoy

Chamoy’s history is somewhat blurry. However, most hypotheses about the beginning of Chamoy’s discovery or invention point towards Asia. There are several different beliefs as to how Chamoy was first introduced to Mexico. In this blog post, we’ll cover the most common and accepted hypothesis. 

It is believed that Chamoy’s path to Mexico was through immigrants from the Philippines that brought a candy called ‘Champoy’ to America. Champoy has been made for years using similar techniques of dried fruits preserved in vinegar. 

These are usually made from plums or apricots. As a relevant fact supporting this theory, apricots are known as ‘kiamoy’, spelled ‘ciamoy’ in Philippine Spanish. Hence, we can form a connection between Chamoy and the former mentioned ‘Champoy’.

Nowadays, the name ‘Champoy’ not only refers to the pickled fruit but is also used to talk about a tamarind candy made from ripe tamarind balls boiled in a salt and sugar combination. In Mexico, the word Chamoy has evolved to refer to the sauce that is prepared from the same fruits. The fruits themselves are commonly called ‘saladitos’ these days.  

Chamoy’s Day at its Best!

As mentioned earlier, Chamoy Day is a day to celebrate and have some of the best Chamoy has to offer. L’orenta’s original Chamoy recipe is, in terms of flavor, from another world. This is why I present to you a list of 6 goodies to celebrate June 13th.

This list contains different kinds of candy covered with Chamoy, Tajin, and other spices that will blow your mind. 

Chamoy Gummy Strawberries

Premium gummy strawberries covered with Chamoy and Tajin. -

These gummies have a sour, sweet strawberry savor that matches the spicy and sweet coating making them a perfect choice for sweet and sour lovers. 

Chamoy Cherry Sours

Also known as Chamoy cherry bombs, this candy with the delicious L’orenta’s chamoy and spicy condiments mix results in one of my top 3. The cherry sweetness does not dominate the flavor. It is the perfect balance between sweetness and a touch of spicy sour. 

Chamoy Jolly Rancher Gummies

Jolly Rancher gummies are inherently varied in flavor. Enhanced with a delightful coating of spices, tajin, and our special guest, Chamoy. Every single gummy is unique and delicious. I’m sure you’ll want to, at least, have one of each color. And once you’ve finished, start again from the first. 

Chamoy Starburst Airs

These Starburst airs come bursting out of a fruity, citrusy flavor.

National Chamoy Day

Packaged perfectly to remain fresh, these candies are a new addition to my favorites list. You won’t get enough of these Chamoy covered delicious snacks. 

Chamoy Skittle Gummies

At this point, you may have a clue of what to expect from this other variety of Chamoy candy. However, I’m sure you won’t expect how special Chamoy coated Skittle gummies are. Strawberry, lemon, orange, and grape flavors with the spicy, tangy complement of Chamoy. 

Chamoy Watermelon Slices

These are part of the oldies but goodies collection. Traditionally, watermelon slices are perfectly suited to be Chamoy’s bearers with pride. Fresh, sweet, chewy. You can place a safe bet on each slice to charm your taste buds the moment it touches your mouth. 

So there you have it! 6 goodies to celebrate National Chamoy Day.

When is National Chamoy Day?

June 13th.

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