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6 Bulk Gummy Candies For Your Next Events

Posted on May 11th, 2022
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Written By Sam Henselijn

Bulk Gummy Candies. Candy tables and buffets are a perfect addition to parties and events. Events, including birthday parties, weddings, themed parties, etc., can be fun and colorful by adding candies. Candy buffets can also be a game-changer in your events if used as a treat or decoration. You need to have a theme, know how many guests you are expecting, and use your imagination to build candy buffets that will add panache to your occasion. To make your decision-making easy, use these carefully selected 6 bulk gummy candies for your next events

Gummy Candy, Sanded Hearts 

These soft, delicious, and chewy heart-shaped gummy candies are a perfect addition to your candy table. They are bursting with a fruity flavor that your guests will love. These gummies also have a sugar coating that adds an extra taste and flavor to these delicious gummies. They are the perfect gift for valentine’s day celebrations. They will also add extra fun to all types of themed parties. Click here to get the Gummy Candy, Sanded Hearts in various bulk sizes. 

Gummy Halloween Worms 

If you want to add an extra touch to your Halloween candy buffets, these gummy Halloween worms are your best bet. They are also incredibly soft and chewy.  A bite is all it takes to get addicted to these delicious gummies. They also come with a vibrant color combination of orange and black. These colors will lighten up any Halloween party. This delightful goodness is also suitable for trick or treats. Click here to get your Gummy Halloween Worms. 

Blue Gummy Sharks 

Our blue gummy sharks are bursting with an assortment of

Gummy Sharks 25

flavors that your guests will love. Add these blue gummy sharks to your candy buffets and see how guests savor each bite. These delicious blue gummy sharks are also gluten and fat-free. So, young and older adults can enjoy this delightful treat. The bright blue and white color combination will add that extra spark to your events. They are also available in different bulk sizes. Click here to get your Blue Gummy Sharks. 

Gummy Watermelon Rings(Starch Based) 

These starch-based gummy watermelon rings are a delight. They are bursting full of flavors.  You will enjoy the natural watermelon flavor that comes with these gummies. These delicious gummies also come in vibrant colors that add different effects to your events. They are a perfect candy to snack on at pool parties, birthdays, and other significant events. Get the starch-based Gummy Watermelon Rings in different bulk sizes here

Gummy Worms 

These gummy worms are another perfect selection out of our 6 bulk gummy candies for your next events. These four-inch gummy candies are an excellent addition to Halloween celebrations and color-themed parties. They come with a vibrant color combination, including green, red, orange, and much more. These soft, chewy, and delicious gummies will also excite your palates. Your guests won’t be able to have enough of these delightful treats. Click here to get these lovely Gummy Worms. 

Peachy Penguin Gummy Candy

Gummy penguins are delicious candy that comes in penguin

Gummy-penguin-25-bulk-www Lorentanuts Com Watermelon Rings

shapes. The peach flavor they come with makes these delicious candies addicting. With a single bite, you will fall in love with these delightful candies. This black and white gummi is an excellent addition to birthdays, beach parties, and weddings. Your guests will keep wanting more. So, it is advisable to buy the 25lb bulk size. They are also fat-free, making them ideal for both young and old alike. Click here to get the Peachy Penguin Gummy Candy. 

Advantages of Buying Candies in Bulk Sizes. 

Buying candies in bulk sizes offer numerous benefits. Our bulk sizes come in 10lb and 25lb. They come loose in a box. So, you can add them to your candy bags, container, bins, and jars. You will also enjoy numerous benefits compared to buying one or two pounds of gummy candies.

Depending on the product a single pound has about 145 candies. You will need about 15-25 pounds of candies to plan a large event. Buying one pound multiple times will cost more money and time. When you buy in bulk, you are going to enjoy discounts. Also, you won’t have to worry about paying numerous delivery costs. You will also be able to focus on other aspects of your event once you sort the candy table at once. Also, you can buy to resell as a retailer. 

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to worry about your candy tables, add these 6 bulk gummy candies to your next events. They will also add an extra spark to your events with their vibrant colors and flavors. Your guests will fall in love with these delightful treats. You will also save money and time when buying these candies in bulk.

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