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5 Staff Favorite Gummy Candies

Posted on July 12th, 2022
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Written By Sam Henselijn

Gummy Candies, a few days ago (of time of this writing), our staff at LorentaNuts were asked for their favorite gummy candy from our collection. A lot of them picked different gummy candies. However, we were able to pick five candies that kept coming up. We believe our staff recommendations will help you identify the best gummy candies for your next occasion. Check out our 5 staff favorite gummy candies! 

Gummy Peach Rings 

Our soft and chewy gummy peach rings are an all-time favorite of


our staff. These gummy candies are incredibly delicious and fun. They come with a tangy peach flavor that will excite your taste buds. They also have a sugary coating that you will fall in love with. The sweet and sour combination makes this snack a go-to candy for all. It takes only one bite before getting hooked on these delightful goodies. 

Our gummy peach rings are also gluten-free. This makes them a perfect candy choice for kids. You can either eat these gummy peach rings alone or with your loved ones. Also, if you want to impress your guests at your next events, our gummy peach rings are an excellent choice. They are perfect for a variety of occasions, particularly Halloween. Your guests will enjoy these delicious gummy candies. Other events you can add these sweet gummy peach rings to include weddings, kids birthday parties, etc. You can get them in different sizes here

Gummy Turtles (Jelly Filled)

Our gummy turtles are an instant hit among people that love -

turtles. Unlike real turtles, our gummy turtles are incredibly soft and chewy. Kids love these delicious gummy candies because of their adorable turtle shapes. They also come in different exciting, vibrant colors. This makes them so beautiful and compelling. You will enjoy a visual treat even before you take the first bite. Our gummy turtles are also bursting with three different fruity flavors.

Every bite is an ecstasy. These fruity flavors will excite your palate. You won’t be able to stop until you get to the last piece. So cute, showy, and delicious, you will remember these tasty treats for a long time. Their vibrant colors and flavors make them perfect candy for your candy buffets. Ensure you add these gummy turtles to your next event. This includes water-themed parties, wedding parties, baby showers, etc. Click here to get these fantastic Gummy Turtles. 

Gummy Glazed Donuts

Our gummy glazed donut is another delicious candy on our 5 staff favorite gummy candies. Our staff loves these delightful treats. They are versatile and can be used for various occasions. And the reason is simple. They come in vibrant and pastel colors that make events more fun and colorful. They are the perfect candy for candy buffets and tables. These delicious candies also come in different delicious flavors. These flavors include vanilla, cherry, blueberry, and lemon. They also have a coating of refined sugar. 

This gives the gummy glazed donuts extra texture and flavor. You will be treated to an intense taste that will excite your taste buds. They make the perfect grab-and-go candy. Your guests will fall in love with these delicious candies on the first bite. Add them to your kids’ birthday parties, themed parties, etc. They will add more fun to your occasion. You can get them here in different sizes. 

Gummy Mini Fried Eggs 

Our staff completely loves these gummy mini fried eggs. They have an authentic fried egg look that makes them attractive. They are also bursting with a peach flavor that excites your taste buds. You will love these delicious gummy mini-fried eggs at first bite. They make the perfect Easter candy. They are incredibly soft, tasty, and chewy. The juicy peach flavor they come with makes these delicious candies an ideal choice for candy buffets. You can use these gummy mini-fried eggs for all of your events. This includes Easter parties, white-themed parties, orange-themed parties, birthday parties, etc. They will make your events more colorful and fun. Click here to get them in different sizes. 

Gummy Double Cherries 

You can be sure you are getting double the flavor with these -

delicious gummy double cherries. They are incredibly delicious. They come in a fresh, tasty, and juicy peach flavor. Prepare to get hooked on these delightful gummy double cherries at first bite. They are gluten and fat-free. This makes them an excellent candy for young and old. Our staff recommends these delicious double cherries for your occasions. They are perfect for Halloween, wedding parties, themed parties, etc. Your guests will love them. Get our delightful gummy double cherries here

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