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5 Staff Favorite Chamoy Candies

Posted on August 16th, 2022
Chamoy Gushers Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Chamoy Candies, Mexico’s beloved condiment gains exciting new life and turns into… candy. If you guessed chamoy, your guess is right. A salty pickled sour fruit spiked with chiles, chamoy may come simply as a dried fruit, candy, or, more often than not, a sauce. Here are 5 staff favorite chamoy candies.

The hype is easily justifiable: chamoy has all the flavors at once – sweet, sour, salty and spicy. It’s a flavor bomb and goes well with almost anything, sweet or savory. 

Dulces Enchilados (dulce means “sweet” in Spanish, and enchilados refers to anything made with chili or spice) are nothing new in Mexico, but the hype is quickly spreading worldwide. Chamoy candy can be made with any sugary candy covered in chamoy, tajin and  other spices to give it a sweet, spicy and slightly tart taste. 

Fun fact about Chamoy Candies

Some food historians believe that Mexican chamoy may have -

started as the Japanese umeboshi, which are salted pickled plums (ume plums). The two are different, but use many of the same ingredients in their preparations, so it is possible… 

Is chamoy spicy? 

If you’re wondering what chamoy tastes like, it is something like an explosion of flavors! You’ll get multiple layers of flavor in just one bite! On its own, chamoy sauce can definitely feel a little overpowering and perhaps a bit too spicy. Added to candy, it creates a magical balance of sweetness paired with a little bit of saltiness and just a hint of heat.

Common Chamoy Ingredients

Dried apricots, prunes or mangoes: Fruit adds a ton of natural concentrated sweetness and a thick texture to the sauce. Salt and Sugar: You need both salt and sugar to accentuate and enhance all the bold flavors. Lime: Lime juice is used to brighten the taste of the condiment, and lend a delicious citrus flavor. Chili powder, and / or dried chiles: a must-have ingredient in any chamoy preparation for that kick of spiciness. 

Our chamoy candy is better because we care 

Candy making is its own kind of magic, every process is different. With our chamoy treats, we wanted to guarantee they stayed soft and fresh-tasting for a unique and mouth watering burst of flavor. That’s why our products are made in small batches: dry, rubbery candy is a big “no-no” here. In fact, sticky and gooey means chamoy candies are fresh, that’s simply their nature. 

Some our favorite chamoy treats 

Take a look at some of our favorite chamoy candies… They may -

just become your new favorites too: if variety is what you’re after, try our gummy bears, which come in 12 exciting flavors! You’ll get a burst of child-like delight when you first try our version of some old classics like our chamoy sour patch kids, nerd gummy clusters, and gummy worms. Meanwhile, fans of tropical fruits will go crazy for our chamoy gushers.

Chamoy Bottom Line 

Chamoy sauce is a fantastic kitchen staple that can be used in so many recipes! But you can go beyond that too and discover a whole new world of unique flavors and textures with our range of chamoy candy. 

Chamoy sweet treats are addictive and incredibly delicious! They make for a great snack to munch on during movie night or to accompany some drinks. They’re always a hit at parties and get-togethers too, or even as a centerpiece for different occasions, spread out in snack bowls across the room!

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