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Jelly Beans

5 Exciting Jelly Belly Games

Posted on August 15th, 2022
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Written By Sam Henselijn

Jelly Belly Games. Jelly beans are an endless source of (delicious) fun, especially for little ones – plus, with just a little bit of planning, you can come up with several group games that will keep both children and adults entertained at your next gathering! Here are 5 exciting Jelly Belly games!

Grown ups can spice things up with our BeanBoozled Fiery Five and Jelly Belly cocktail flavors. If playing with kids, our Soda Pop Shoppe jelly beans are always a hit. And for baby showers, themed events or Easter parties, nothing could be sweeter than Our Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor or Strawberry Cheesecake jelly beans. 

Here are 5 jelly belly games to enjoy this Summer  

Jelly Bean Tic Tac Toe Game

If you have kids, you need to try this one: keep a kit in your purse

Jelly-belly-ice-cream-parlor-perspective - Jelly Belly, Gin & Tonic

and there will always be something to occupy the children at doctor appointments, long car rides, or while waiting at a restaurant. 

Use a permanent marker to draw a tic tac toe board on the outside of a resealable plastic bag. Throw a handful of jelly beans in the bag and seal: With just a couple steps, you have a portable game to-go! Players choose a color jelly bean and they each take turns placing them in squares until someone has 3 in a row in any direction. 

Guess the flavor

Line your guests up in a single file. Have each player close their eyes and put a jelly bean in their mouth – The challenge is to guess which flavor it is. The game is a lot more fun with a variety of unique flavors, so mix and match different kinds of jelly beans! If they guess wrong they are out but can still help choose what flavor to give the next person in line. Keep playing until one person guesses the most correctly and is declared the winner! 

Jelly Bean Relay Race 

Divide everyone into 2 teams. Give each team a plastic spoon, a bowl of Jelly Belly Beans (with the same amount in each) and an empty bowl. Set a timer for 2 minutes. 

On “go”, the first player of each team will rush to their designated bowls with jelly beans with their hands behind their back. Then using only the spoon in their mouths, pick up one bean, carry it to the other end, drop in bucket; go back, give spoon to other person. Use our ice cream parlor jelly belly jelly beans

If you drop the jelly bean you have to go back to the starting line and start all over again.

The challenge is to see which team can get the most beans into the empty bowl using their spoon in a short time.

Jelly Bean Juggle 

Pour a bag of jelly beans into a paper bag. Then have all players

Jelly Belly Games

randomly pull four candies from the bag and hide them in their hand. 

With everyone in a circle, each person passes one of their jelly beans to the person on their left. Keeping the candies in their hand hidden. 

The goal is to end up with a set of 3 of the same color. You can keep going until one person has completed a number of sets and wins the game!

Guess How Many

A simple and fun game for the younger crowd: This simple puzzle aims to test people’s ability to estimate numbers. Place a large number of jelly beans in a jar. Give each participant a piece of paper and a pencil.  Ask them to write down how many jelly beans they think are in the jar. Whoever guesses the closest number wins the jar full of jelly beans. 

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