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10 White Candies For Your Next Event

Posted on August 9th, 2022
Wedding Snacks White

Written By Sam Henselijn

White Candies. There is very little more classic than a theme done in crisp black and white. It has roots in the black and white scenes from glamorous old Hollywood movies. It also shows up as the standard dress code for many galas and red carpet events. With the color white lending itself to so many event themes, it’s no wonder we have dozens of candies featuring the color! To help you plan your next memorable event, we hope that you’ll use at least 10 White Candies For Your Next Event | L’Orenta Nuts.

Not sure which candies to purchase? We can help! While many candy websites leave you with dozens of pages to search for, here at L’Orenta we’ve streamlined your search. With our candy-by-color tool, you can find the exact color of candy you want in minutes. Not only does this make planning a cinch, but we can also give you usage ideas. After all, at L’Orenta, we have you in mind.

Weddings White Candies

When it is your special day, you want everything to be absolutely

Yogurt-almonds-top-bowl-www Lorentanuts Com Jelly Belly Italian Biscotti

perfect, especially the food! Among all of the lace and ribbons, it is important to consider how the reception will be structured. For a beautiful, edible touch, our yogurt covered raisins can be strung together with a length of fishing line to create strings of pearls. These pearls can be draped across flower bouquets, wedding cakes, or even place settings.

Many weddings have a floral touch to them, so why not carry those colors over into foods? For a unique wedding favor, fill miniature vases with our french vanilla and pear jelly bean mix. Then, top each vase with a small artificial flower that matches the bride’s bouquet. For an extra memorable touch, tie ribbons with favor tags around the neck of the vase. Not only will your favors look gorgeous, but they’ll blend in as decorations in photographs!

Iced Out and Red Carpet Proms

When you’re considering a theme for a high school senior’s most memorable event, red carpets and galas come to mind. Filled with dazzling dresses and glittering accessories, proms require a very special variety of food. As pearls are an iconic part of glitzy events, we suggest using our french vanilla jelly beans as pearls! Use them to fill vases, scatter across blank spaces on tables, or to weigh down balloons. They’re also delicious to set out on tables to eat between dinner and dancing.

Although eggs don’t typically scream elegance, our gummy fried eggs can be a great addition to an event. If you are feeling inventive, you can use an apple corer to remove the center from our fried eggs gummies. Then, use the yellow pieces as cupcake toppers while the white pieces act as gummy rings. If you want to use the eggs as are, mix them in with other snacks like white chocolate pretzels for a fun party mix. 

Winter Wonderlands White Candies

While Winter Wonderlands aren’t winter holiday exclusive, they


do make for a gorgeous winter soiree! Winter Wonderlands make us think of fluffy fur clothes, cozy blankets, and, of course, delicious beverages! As you curl up beneath blankets and watch childhood seasonal movies, we suggest sharing a bowl of our eggnog almonds. Not only do they taste great, but a serving of our jelly beans are only a little more than half of the calories of a glass of eggnog.

While you’re snuggling up, you may find yourself craving a delicious cup of cocoa. No winter wonderland theme is complete without a hot chocolate bar! Set out a crock pot of freshly made hot cocoa and accompany it with all of the fixings. We suggest classic add-ons like marshmallows and peppermints along with our special L’Orenta twist. We absolutely adore pairing our mini sugar cookie bites with our hot cocoa. Just top your hot cocoa with a generous spread of whipped cream and sprinkle the cookie bites on top!

Labor Day Parties

Ever heard that it is a huge fashion taboo to wear white after Labor Day? While that’s no longer a rule, throwing “white-out” lawn parties is still a tradition among the fashion elite. Challenge your guests to wear only white and lay out a white carpet for them to show off their style. With the theme set, all that’s left is to decorate! We love the idea of confetti balloons with a modern twist! Instead of filling your balloons with confetti before blowing them up, consider putting in a few of our gummy penguins! Not only do they add a small pop of color, but they are completely edible once the balloon pops!

What’s a labor day party without a classy buffet? Along with cucumber tea sandwiches, we suggest setting out a few bowls of grab-and-go candies. For a classic treat, we suggest setting out a dish of our chocolate coconut almonds. If you want something that is a little more fun or that is kid friendly, we love our yogurt covered pretzels. Our almonds and pretzels also taste great together, so don’t hesitate to mix and match!

Do you have any of the events we mentioned coming up? We’re seriously considering throwing an iced-out party here at the office! We think it would be a ton of fun to walk in on a red carpet. We’ll definitely be eating all of the suggested 10 White Candies for Your Next Event  at all of our events. What other parties do you think could lend themselves to an all white sweets buffet? We would love to hear from you as you plan! 

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