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10 Red Candies For Your Next Party

Posted on August 8th, 2022
Red Candies Blog

Written By Sam Henselijn

Red Candies. Are you feeling red this holiday season? Red is a popular party theme for so many reasons: it’s the color of love, the color of fortune, and the signature color for a number of holidays. Choosing Red Candies for Your Next Party can be a tedious task but it’s well worth the extra effort. A stylishly planned party with a clear color theme can take any event to the next level. Don’t worry! L’Orenta will be there to help you every step of the way. Here are 10 Red candies for your next party. 

To help hardworking event planners like yourself, we created a tool to simplify your product searching. With our candy-by-color tool, all of your candy finding woes are solved! You can search our database using any candy color that you wish. In this case, you can find the perfect shades of red and ruby for your next event! But we aren’t only helping you by offering a handy tool, we’re also here to help you brainstorm ideas!

Sports and Tailgate Parties

There are a plethora of sports teams with red as their team color!

French-burnt-peanuts-www Lorentanuts Com Hot Tamales

Why not structure your entire tailgate around the color? Along with your red tablecloths, red sodas, and red flowers, add in some beautiful red candies! Peanuts are a fan favorite, so incorporating them into your event should be a no brainer. Purchase some traditional paper peanut bags at a local party store and fill them with a mix of standard peanuts and our french burnt peanuts. These make the perfect grab and go snack and keep your hands mostly free during the game. 

Are you looking for a red hot beverage to go with your game day snacks? Take a bag of our hot tamales and soak them in a bottle of vodka overnight. (You can also use ginger ale for a non-alcoholic drink.) In the morning, throw out the hot tamales or keep them as a garnish. Serve in your favorite cup (or a red solo cup for the aesthetic)!

Valentine’s Day Parties

Love is in the air and we love nothing more than candy! Set up for

Red-lips-perspective-www Lorentanuts Com

a stunning night with red treats and black and white napkins, tablecloths, and cutlery. Red velvet cupcakes make the perfect addition to a Valentine’s celebration. Frost them with fluffy white frosting and top with our gummy red lips.If you would like to give your significant other a little nudge, attach a cherry sour to one of our gummy rings with frosting or heat. The resulting ring makes a lovely cupcake topper!

For a different variety of sweet treat, bake sugar cookies in the shapes of hearts. You can frost them with red or white buttercream. Afterwards, you can decorate the cookies with your friends or significant other. We recommend topping the cookies with our cinnamon bubble gum jelly beans! Not only do the colors look great together, they’re also sweet like the memories you’ll be making.

Casino-Themed Fundraisers

When it comes to charity events, casino themes are always a hit! Red and black make for a striking display too. To shake up the traditional poker chips, offer guests a selection of our jelly beans instead. You can assign them point values the same way you would poker chips, but our jelly belly sizzling cinnamon jelly beans are a perfect red chip substitute. A bulk bag of our jelly beans would also cost significantly less than custom chips. Plus, they’re delicious!

Rice cereal dice can also make an impact as both a snack and a decoration. Melt down mini marshmallows with butter and mix them into a bag of rice cereal. Form the warm “dough” into the shape of dice. They can be as big or as small as you liked. Pop them into the fridge to get nice and cool. Once cool, dip the treats in white chocolate and use our boston baked beans to number the sides. Not only will your decorations be stunning, but they’ll also be entirely edible!

Sundae Soirees

Ready to make your guests feel like they’re visiting an ice cream parlor? Sundae parties are very diverse and can be applied to a variety of events including proms, birthdays, and even corporate events. They are also easy to set up and easier to cater. Just pick up some cute bowls and cutlery, a few tubs of ice cream, and a variety of our candies. No sundae is complete without a beautiful cherry on top, so don’t forget to purchase a bag of our gummy double cherries.

If you have a lover of the show Friends at your event, don’t forget to include our gummy lobsters! Our lobsters make a cute topping for New England events or as a random raffle. Try topping all of your sundaes with cherries, but choose one at random to top with a lobster. Later in the event, reveal that whoever received the lobster wins a special prize!

If red is the color of love, we hope you’re feeling red for our Red Candies For Your Next Party. Whether you’re planning for a Valentine’s Day bash or a lavish tailgate party, we hope our candy-by-color tool helped you out and will continue helping you out. Remember, events are only as good as their planning and theme, so make your choices count with L’Orenta Nuts! Enjoy our 10 red candies for your next party. 

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