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Baby Shower

10 Pink Candies For Your Baby Shower

Posted on July 4th, 2022
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Written By Sam Henselijn

10 Pink Candies For Your Baby Shower. Did you know that historians can’t quite place where baby showers originated? There is still debate about whether the Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans, or 1940s Americans created the notion. Regardless of who invented the tradition, baby showers are still a signature part of American culture today. Through fun games, delicious food, and sweet treats, it’s an absolutely lovely day for the mother-to-be. Festivities aren’t quite the same without delicacies that reflect the gender of the coming bundle of joy. To get you started on your baby shower planning journey, we’ve compiled a ton of ideas and 10 Pink Candies for Your Baby Shower.

One of the key parts of a successful baby shower is having a clear theme. While we totally appreciate a pink-themed party for a coming baby girl, there are many more options to explore! Whether the mom-to-be likes the daintiness of a princess theme or out-of-this-world fairies, L’Orenta has something for everyone.

Mermaid and Under-the-Sea Themes

As they say, life is better under the sea! A mermaid and sea theme

10 Pink Candies For Your Baby Shower

is a fun take on traditional baby shower themes. It’s also one of our personal favorites! To create a show stopping sea spread, start with a serving tray or table covered in crushed graham crackers. Crushed finally and combined with a bit of edible glitter, graham crackers make excellent sand. From there, create an ocean and waves using our blueberry bubble gum jelly bean mix.

With your ocean and beach created, it’s time to add decorations! The options are truly limitless, but we suggest starting with our gummy sanded hearts as sand dollars. You can also pop open vanilla sandwich cookies to resemble oysters. Add one of our pink grapefruit sours to the center as a pearl and your look will be complete!

Forest and Fairy Themes

Grab the mother-to-be a pair of fairy wings and get ready for a magical celebration! Start your party off right with toadstone shaped cupcakes! Frost your cupcakes in bright red before adding jelly bean polka dots. We recommend our orange bubble gum jelly bean mix for that classic toadstool look. If you would rather have a more rustic, woodsy type of cake, frost it took like a fallen log. Add frosting toadstools and green apple bubble gum jelly beans as moss for a truly magical cake.

No party is complete without cute take-home gifts! For a fairy

Rose-cordials-top-bowl-www Lorentanuts Com Yogurt Almond

party, we love the idea of small jars filled with fairy magic. Fill small decorative jars with pink cotton candy. For added sparkle, mix in our sparkling rose cordials or pink grapefruit sours. Complete the look with a glittery ribbon and you have a party favor that everyone can enjoy.

Ballerina Themes

What’s more chic than ribbons, bows, and ballerinas? We love a good black and pink theme, so we couldn’t go without suggesting this one! For a fun ballerina themed treat, flip a cupcake liner upside down and thread it onto a lollipop stick. Then, stick a marshmallow onto the stick. After dipping the marshmallow in pink chocolate, line the bottom of the marshmallow in cinnamon bubble gum jelly beans. Now you have a darling ballerina figure! 

For cupcakes, frost the cake with vanilla frosting dusted with edible glitter. To turn this simple cupcake into a ballerina’s tutu, use our sanded gummy hearts to create a bodice. Just stick the point of the heart into the frosting and decorate the edge with a few crushed candy cane almonds!

Princess and Royalty Themes

Why not treat the mother-to-be like the royalty she is? After you drape a chair with dazzling pink and gold cloth and build a castle from rolled diapers, it’s time to focus on treats. We suggest starting with crown or tiara-shaped cookies frosted in pink, white, and gold. To give the cookies a little bit of sparkle, line the edges with our sparkling rose cordials. Don’t worry; they’re completely non-alcoholic and safe for mom to consume.

If you are looking for a more convenient way to serve cake, we suggest creating a tower display of cupcakes. Rich vanilla cupcakes topped with French vanilla icing are an excellent base. To decorate, create lace patterns with sugar beads and our delicious candy cane almonds. Top with a pinch of edible glitter, and you’ll have a beautiful, elegant treat. 

Candy-cane-almonds-bowl-top-view-www Lorentanuts Com Protein Punch
Candy-cane-almonds-bowl-top-view-www Lorentanuts Com

Did any of our party planning techniques scream “That’s the One!” to you? Part of the joy of planning for a baby girl’s baby shower is the variety of ideas available to you. You can max out on the pink theme or reel it in for subtle hints and still have a gorgeous party.  If you’re feeling ambitious, maybe you’ll use all of our 10 Pink Candies for Your Baby Shower | L’Orenta Nuts. After all, the possibilities are endless!

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