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Baby Shower

10 pink candies for your baby shower

Posted on February 16th, 2023
baby shower

Written By Sam Henselijn

Pink candies. Shopping for candy by color is perfect for color-themed celebrations such as baby showers. Pink is every little girl’s favorite color, so it makes sense to have it on display to celebrate the arrival of the newest member of your family. Here are 10 pink candies for your baby shower. 

If you’re having a pink moment, you’ve come to the right place. Let L’Orenta Nuts be your one-stop shop for all the pink candy your heart could ever desire! We’ve got soft pastels, bubblegum pink, electric fuchsia and every shade in between to make your pink candy buffet or dessert table really stand out.

Use your imagination to create stunning displays for this special occasion! 

Explore our dazzling assortment of pink candy to make your big day all the more special! Our selection includes delectable candies that will please little ones and adults alike. Find your childhood favorites, classic treats, and new and unexpected delights to share with your friends and family. 

Candy Cane Almonds pink candies

Our Candy Cane Almonds are a special treat! Lightly toasted almonds covered in a generous layer of creamy white chocolate mixed with crushed candy cane pieces. A delight for the whole family! These crunchy & delicious treats are a wonderful addition to goody bags. Perfect for the candy dish or decorating baker goods. 

Bubblegum Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly jelly beans with bubblegum flavor in a light pink color – it doesn’t get much better than that. Sweeten your baby shower with these delicious sweets. They’re the perfect treat to brighten table decorations or incorporate into party favors.

Happy Hearts 

Happy Hearts Perspective

Sweet candy bites shaped into tiny little hearts! Comes in an assortment of pink, red, and white. Make your life easier with tasty, store-bought treats for your baby girl’s favor bags. Just put a generous amount of these into favor bags and tie with a pretty ribbon. Voilà, perfect. 

Pink Grapefruit Sours

If you need a bright pop of color in the form of intense bubblegum pink paired with a punch of flavor, try these pink grapefruit sours! Sweet and tart, soft and chewy, with a very distinctive grapefruit taste. These will be the hit of the baby shower candy buffet.

Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly jelly beans in an unexpected strawberry cheesecake flavor. Tastes just like the real thing: with a bright and tangy strawberry flavor and a hint of savoriness from the cream cheese. Perfect for pastel colored baby showers, gender reveal parties or picnics.

Strawberry Gummi Drops

These Sugar Sanded Strawberry Drop Gummies are always a -

good idea. They’re perfectly sweet and light, with a chewy, fluffy texture and full of strawberry and cream flavor. The creamy white base and pink tip color combo looks cute and feminine – great to have in decorative bowls or jars for a party! A wonderful confection for baby showers. 

Sparkling Rose Cordials

Our delicious dark chocolate cordials are filled with a delectable Rosé-flavored liquid center. These gorgeous gourmet treats have a hit of pink shimmer on the outside that makes them perfect for celebrations! It may be a baby shower, but moms deserve some fun too – don’t worry, these are alcohol-free! 

Sanded Hearts 

Festive looking sugar sanded hearts bursting with bright and

Sanded-hearts-perspecitve-www Lorentanuts Com

tangy strawberry flavor. Our gummy hearts feature a red outside and a pink foam inside. And if you end up deciding to offer personalized favors to everyone who attends your baby shower, these would be absolutely perfect for that! These will win everyone’s hearts. 

Gummy Skulls

Add a little frightening flare to your baby girl’s shower or pink themed candy buffet! These not-so-scary gummies are shaped like skulls and filled with strawberry flavor red jelly. The texture is soft & chewy and utterly addictive. 

Valentine Candy Corn

A seasonal treat, these candy corn candies taste just like the original version, but come in a festive color combo of red, pink, and white. They look perfect included in a candy bar or candy buffet at a baby shower. The mix of colors would add so much joy and contrast to an all-pink display!

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