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10 Old Time Candy Treats We Still Love Today

Posted on August 23rd, 2022
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Written By Sam Henselijn

Old Time Candy, having a taste of an old time favorite is like experiencing a blast from the past. Our taste buds crave the familiarity of the flavors from our childhoods. Here are 10 Old Time Candy Treats We Still Love Today

A lot of the classics we recognize today were invented in the 60’s. Amidst the novelties of the decade, one thing became widely popular: fruit-flavored candies became all the rage as soon as they were invented.

Bottom line is, nothing will make memories come rushing back like candy. Luckily for us, some of the old school concoctions of back then are still being made today. What is your favorite classic candy? 

L’Orenta’s Old Time Candy Treats 

French Burnt Peanuts 

Ask your grandpa about these and he’ll probably tell you it was

French-burnt-open French Burnt Peanut

one of his childhood favorites. They’re a little harder to come across right now, but we’ve got you! We couldn’t not bring these back: flavorful Spanish peanuts smothered in a crunchy candy shell, and finally glazed. A thing of beauty, that they are. 

Boston Baked Beans

If you’re lucky, you might’ve come across Boston Baked Beans in vending machines. A hearty and delicious snack, they’re essentially roasted peanuts covered with a red-colored candy shell. You’ll taste a subtle hint of vanilla too. Something so simple needs exceptional ingredients to allow each component to shine, and you can trust we use only the highest quality ingredients.. 

Orange Fruit Slices 

Our orange fruit slices have an almond retro appeal to them and are perfect for parties or used to decorate more elaborate confections. A bright and sweet orange flavor immediately envelops your senses when you first bite into the juicy gummy…These gluten free gummies will take you right back to the good ol’ days. 

Licorice Strawberry Finnska Bites 

We’re bringing back an old time classic with these red strawberry -

Finnska bites! A great choice for licorice fans, the strawberry flavored gummy is sweet and chewy, but still soft. Bring some with you to your next dinner party and we guarantee success! 

Cherry Sours 

Deliciously tart and bursting with fruity flavor, these cherry sours have a delicate crispy shell enclosing a juicy cherry gummy inside. The perfect balance between sweet and sour. Why not jazz up your favorite dessert recipes by adding a handful of these to pie fillings and preserves? You won’t regret it… 

Lemon Drops

It doesn’t get any more vintage than Lemon Drops. Our version tastes like sweet lemonade, the kind that is sweet and pleasant, but still retains a delicious tartness. They’re also the loveliest candy to include in goody bags or have on display at baby showers or an Easter get-together.  

Licorice Double Salt

This is not your usual Candy! While super popular in Scandinavian countries, salty licorice isn’t as common around here. This is a bold choice for a treat: ours even have double the salt for an even more potent punch. Combined with the black licorice flavor, it’s definitely a unique experience. Are you bold enough to try one? 

Wax Bottles 

A nostalgic treat that has been around for generations, our Wax Bottle candy is sure to take you on a journey back in time. The ritual of eating them is part of the fun: first you bite the top of the little bottles off. Then you drink the fruit-flavored syrup inside! Afterward the wax can be chewed like gum, too. 

Mini Fried Eggs 

You’ve probably seen these around and even tried one at some point. These chewy gummies, shaped like miniature fried eggs, are a fun addition to any party or event. And while they’ve always been popular, it may be a surprise to learn that they are peach flavored! Would you have guessed that correctly? 

Cinnamon Red Hots 

Often referred to as cinnamon imperials, these Cinnamon Red Hots are hard candies that pack a spicy cinnamon punch. It’s the perfect treat to carry around in your purse for those middle-of-the-day sweet cravings. Be warned though: these are not for the faint of heart. The little guys are HOT! Enjoy the above 10 old time candy treats! 

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