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Baby Shower

10 Blue Candies For Your Baby Shower

Posted on July 3rd, 2022
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Written By Sam Henselijn

Blue Candies. Did you know that baby showers may go back as far as Ancient Egypt? While they did not give gifts to the mother herself, they did celebrate the pregnancy by gifting their deities. In modern times, baby showers are all about showering a mother-to-be with gifts, love, and delicious treats. When we think about baby showers, we tend to think of bright pinks and pastel greens, but that’s not all baby showers can offer. In fact, we believe if you have the right 10 Blue Candies For Your Baby Shower, you can welcome a baby boy into the world with a party to remember.

Blue is a flexible color, so choosing a baby shower theme for a boy is a piece of cake (or a piece of candy, in our case!). We put together some of our favorite themes and ideas for you to enjoy. We hope it helps celebrating your bouncing baby boy and mother-to-be a little bit easier.

Woodland Theme Blue Candies

Woodland themes can be as magical or literal as you want them, so don’t hesitate to get creative! We love the idea of having a woodland storybook theme with lots of bears, talking foxes, and magic. To create a candy table to remember, try to build a forest

Very-blueberry-jelly-belly-perspective-www Lorentanuts Com Bridge Mix

watering hole. Choose a clear bowl and fill it with our blueberry orange jelly bean mix. The blueberry jelly beans are the perfect shade for water while the orange jelly beans make for cute goldfish designs. For a little extra pizazz, we suggest using our blueberry licorice jelly bean mix to create rocks and a waterfall.

For cupcakes, consider putting together little animal picnics. Frost cupcakes with a checkered picnic blanket base. Then top with our gummy triple hearts as plates and our watermelon gummy bears as guests.

Nautical Theme

With the rising popularity of sharks, no baby shower is complete

Blue-sharks-www Lorentanuts Com Jawbreaker Psychedelic Bruiser

without a nautical theme! This theme thrives in classic blues, whites, and golds. Our favorite part of a nautical theme is the drink possibilities! Use blue punch and red grenadine to set up an ocean for a shark attack. Fill your cups and drop a few of our gummy sharks in for a sweet surprise. Our blue raspberry rings also make excellent life rings!

As a fun party activity, cut out cookies in the shape of anchors or sailor caps. Guests can decorate them to match their individual personalities. Our chocolate blueberries make perfect cookie decorations! They’re also just fun to snack on while you work.

Celestial Theme

Not everyone loves a totally blue theme! Sometimes it’s more about the dreaminess of a concept. Without feeling overdone, yellows, whites, and–of course–blues can create a stunning moon-and-star backdrop. Milk can be a key player in celestial parties due to its neutral color. We love the idea of using white frosting to adhere milk chocolate blueberries to the rims of glasses of milk. It will create an excellent asteroid or meteor effect! 

For cupcakes, consider recreating your own version of the moon landing! Frost cupcakes with a little bit of white or silver frosting before layering on our milk chocolate marshmallow robin’s eggs to create craters. Top with another layer of frosting and garnish with a blue gummy bear astronaut and toothpick flag! 

Rubber Duck Theme

Grab a bottle of bubbles and get ready for some good, clean fun!

Blueberries-milk-chocolate Blueberries

Aside from the very iconic yellow rubber duck, this theme is all about bubbles and water! To get conversation started, we suggest creating a bubbly non-alcoholic drink! Mix a clear or blue soda with some light green sherbet to achieve a bubble bath effect. Garnish the drink with our blueberry gummy rings or rim the serving glass with crushed milk chocolate blueberries.

No baby shower is complete with cupcakes, and this one is no exception! Frost cupcakes with light blue or white, then build a bubble bath out of blueberry jelly beans. Don’t forget to add a cute rubber duck to finish!

With so many fun themes to choose from, what’s not to look forward to when planning a baby shower? While we curated a list of 10 Blue Candies For Your Baby Shower, the list isn’t exhaustive! You can find more blue candies by using our candy by color search feature. If you think of other clever ways to use our blue candies, don’t forget to let us know! We love seeing your creativity in action.

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