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Best Snacks for Your Game Day Party

Our Products Posted on November 5, 2018


Best Snacks for Your Game Day Party!

Picture the scene: Saturday afternoon is the day of the Big Game. Your favorite team are going head-to-head with their nemeses on the field while you and the crew hang back at your place to watch it in all its 58-inch glory. You’ve got the beer, you’ve got the pay-per-view subscription and you have looked out all your team colors… but what about snacks? Have no fear because we at L’Orenta have already taken care of the what – all you have to do is pop over and order them!

 Game Day Snacks are a Big Deal

First and foremost it has to go with beer. No two-ways about it. For all the designated drivers the snacks of choice also need to go with soda. Picking the perfect game day snack can be tricky. You have to keep it light so you can nibble while you watch and you certainly can’t leave the sofa to go and make something hot…

For the perfect game day snack you need something that you can put in a bowl and leave there. Something that you don’t need to top up, heat up or get up to attend. Most people pour chips in a bowl and think nothing of it… but finding the perfect snack is a compliment to creating the ultimate game day experience. Do you want to enjoy the game while nibbling on soggy chips? We thought not… so we put together some ideas to help you find the best game day snacks that fit all of the criteria (and taste great while they do).

Ultimate Game Day Snack Number 1: The Blanched Peanut

L’Orenta’s are the masters of creating perfectly crisp, delicious Peanuts without adding anything ‘extra’. We like to keep our nuts natural, so from the moment our Blanched Peanuts are picked to the moment they are processed; the only thing we add is a light dusting of salt that accentuates their fine flavor – and makes for the number one ultimate game day snack. Not only do they taste great with a beer, they can sit in the bowl all afternoon without losing a single bit of crunchy goodness. The best part of all is that here at L’Orenta’s Gourmet Nuts and Snacks we have been making this signature snack since 1934 – so if you really love Peanuts in all their natural glory – you will really love our tried and tested cooking method that leaves each one exquisite.

Ultimate Game Day Snack Number 2: Roasted and Salted Red Skin Peanuts

The old-school among us know that the best part of the Peanut is the crispy, flaky skin that falls away on the tongue. It’s not only supremely tasty but its full of nutrients that will boost your Potassium levels and keep the worst effects of tomorrow morning’s hangover at bay. The second best game day snack we have is out Roasted and Salted Red Skin Peanuts which provide a pop of healthy flavor that is really hard to beat. We have been slow roasting and gently toasting these little winners for longer than we can remember so that every bag comes to you match-ready… whether you’re playing or watching from your armchair!

Ultimate Game Day Snack Number 3: South Texas Heat

Some of us like a little mixture to our snacking experience and game day is no exception. If you want to keep it real but provide some flavorful options then our South Texas Heat mix is the perfect combination of sweet and savory, salty and melt-in-the-mouth buttery. This mix includes the best of our roasted Pecan halves with a peppering of Pumpkin seeds and the crisp bite of toasted corn. We then added some honey toasted Peanuts for a divine hint of sweetness that dissolves on the tongue to transport your gaming experience to something fantastical. That’s not all, either, We threw some butter toasted Peanuts into the blend before we called it a day, creating the best game day snack for those who like a little something sweet.

Ultimate Game Day Snack Number 4: French Burnt Peanuts

L’Orenta don’t just do natural – sometimes we like to be a little European Continental, too! If you haven’t tasted our French Burnt Peanuts yet then you are really missing out on a treat!

You might remember these nostalgic sweets as something your granddad bought by the bag from the corner store. To create this succulent snack we take fresh picked Spanish Peanuts and wrap them in our secret recipe candy coating to tingle your taste buds and bring back those treasured childhood memories. Foregoing the nostalgia, however, this is one treat that will delight your friends come game day – and won’t have you leaving your spot on the sofa!

Ultimate Game Day Snack Number 5: Salted Caramel Almonds

We couldn’t let this list of the best game day snacks be completed without giving you at least one option that featured our velvety blend of milk chocolate. Our specialized Salted Caramel Almonds are just as rich and indulgent as they sound – but whether or not you will want to share them out on game day is another question! If you have people to impress with your snacking prowess then these goodies have been hand picked for crunch, wrapped in a salted caramel coating whose recipe we will take to the grave, then dipped in a luxurious layer of our fine blended, milky chocolate. What more could you want from a game day snack?

For Game Day Snacks, Choose L’Orenta’s!

We provide the best in snacking pleasure whether you want healthy foods that won’t break your fitness routine, or sweet treats with a little extra added luxury thrown into the mix. Our nuts and gourmet snacks are all made with a dedication that you won’t find anywhere else but within our family, who have been designing and perfecting our intoxicating snack foods since 1934.

For the best game day snacks make it L’Orenta’s, because every game should be an experience you never forget. Shop now and first time buyers even receive the chance to win a discount!

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