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Chamoy Candy

A Guide To Chamoy Candy

Posted on August 23rd, 2022 - 5 Delicious Chamoy Candy Products |  L’Orenta Nuts

Written By Sam Henselijn

Have you ever heard of Chamoy? The multi-use Mexican condiment can spice up pretty much any preparation. People seem to have discovered the magic of Chamoy, and the sauce is quickly gaining popularity in the United States and the rest of the world. Here is a guide to chamoy candy. 

What is Chamoy Sauce? 

Chamoy has been a classic Mexican flavor since the 1970s. If you’ve ever been to the country, chances are you noticed that every street seller was selling snacks with Chamoy. 

The recipe couldn’t be simpler, with just dehydrated fruit such as apricot, mango or plums (or a mix of these), chili powder, salt, sugar, and a little citrus juice. The result is a sweet, sour, salty and spicy melody. The perfect combination of flavors! And incredibly versatile too, being used in so many ways: on fruit, drinks, snacks and even meat dishes.

Chamoy can be liquid, sauce-like or even have a thick paste consistency. It may also range 

from mild to spicy depending on the ingredients that were used in its preparation.

Chamoy vs. Tajin

Chamoy and tajin are sometimes used interchangeably, but

chamoy candy

 they’re not quite the same thing. What these two have in common is the fact that they’re both the best fruit seasonings. The combination of sweet, salty, and slightly spicy is incredibly addictive. In fact, candy with chamoy and tajin is also extremely popular in Mexico, for this same reason. 

So what’s the difference? Well, tajin is actually a  popular brand of Mexican chile lime seasoning that’s widely available in the US and other countries… Chamoy, on the other hand, is basically a sauce and all-around condiment made from pickled fruit, spicy chiles, salt and lime. 

Basically, they have a similar flavor profile, but different consistencies with chamoy being a wet condiment and tajin a dry one. Another difference is the fact that chamoy has the fruit element, which is not present in tajin. 

“But what does it taste like?”, you may ask. Tajin seasoning is tangy, bright, salty and a little spicy. It has a lovely citrusy flavor that goes great on both sweet and savory foods. 

Chamoy tastes similar in a way, with the added complexion and slight sweetness from the fermented fruit. It’s the perfect condiment for fresh fruit, meat, and yes – candy too. 


Is Chamoy bad for you?

If eaten in moderation, there’s absolutely no reason to avoid chamoy. In fact, the core ingredients are all natural. That means there may even be some health benefits to Chamoy, including sore throat and cough relief and improved digestion. 

Is Chamoy vegan?

YES!!! The basic recipe for Chamoy does not contain any animal products. But be sure to always check the label because each brand makes their chamoy a little different.

Chamoy Candy 

Chamoy Mexican candy is nothing new. They have been mixing the two together for decades in the country. They are so popular you can easily find an assortment of dulces enchilados sold by street vendors and other stalls. 

The delicately spiced candies will take your tastebuds on the ultimate ride. It’s sweet, sour, and just the right amount of hot all at the same time! While you can find pretty much any kind of candy with Chamoy, we are partial to gummies, as they provide the ideal texture and sweetness. 

Our versions of dulces enchilados must always include a little sprinkling of tajin as well for good measure. Since, you know, most good things come in pairs – and these particular ones make the best combination. Discover a world of new flavors with our Chamoy peach rings and Chamoy nerd gummy clusters

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