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5 Sour Candies That Help With Nausea

Candy Health & Wellness Sour Candy Posted on May 12, 2022

Did you know that sour candies can help with nausea?

Sour candies are covered in citric acid, which makes your mouth water and pucker. This is caused by the acid lowering the PH in your mouth. To fight the acid, your body creates more saliva. All of the extra saliva in your mouth helps protect your stomach from harmful acids. These acids are often the cause of stomach upset and nausea, so sour candy can be used to control them. Here are 5 sour candies that help with nausea.

However, citric acid isn’t the only nausea-fighting ingredient in our gummy candies. Our gummies also contain amino acids that aid in digestion. You can also find important stomach settling ingredients like potassium and turmeric. Not only that, but many of our gummies also feature additional essential acids that can reduce inflammation. 

 If you suffer from morning nausea or find yourself sick before presentations, you might want to buy some sour candies. Luckily, we have curated a list of 5 Sour Candies That Help with Nausea to help find your new favorite flavor.

Sour Wild Strawberries

Our Sour Wild Strawberries are one of our staff favorites. The -

gummy has a sweet but tangy flavor that is filled with the amino acids your body needs for protein synthesis. Our strawberry gummies are coated in an extra sour powder that will definitely get your mouth watering. Plus, every serving of these strawberries have a gram of protein in them. This added protein can help boost the nausea fighting acids in your stomach.

Gummy Sour Pineapples

If you like your sour candies with a tropical flair, our gummy sour pineapples are an excellent choice. These little pineapples are very sweet and pair nicely with our sour sugar coating. Not only can they satisfy your sweet tooth, but they also have a hidden benefit: potassium. Not having enough potassium can lead to nausea. Our pineapple gummies offer one gram of potassium for every five pieces. This means that your nausea can be managed by saliva, potassium, and amino acids.

Gummy Sour Flowers

Did you know that turmeric is similar to ginger and can help -

fight nausea? Our Gummy Sour Flowers are colored using all natural ingredients like pumpkin, blackcurrant, and–you guessed it–turmeric. Not only are these gummies brightly colored, but they are also brightly flavored. The gummy is a rich tutti frutti flavor, while the outside powder is super sour and sugary. These gummies can pack a punch when it comes to fighting nausea, but don’t eat the entire bag at once!

Sour Green Apples

If you like your gummies super sour, then our sour green apples are for you! These little green gummies are packed full of different acids and health benefits. The first of these acids is citric acid. Citric acid is the sour powder that causes your mouth to water. It is also known to kill bacteria that may be causing your stomach to feel upset. Another acid you will find in these tasty gummies is tartaric acid. Tartaric acid is known to aid in digestion and is also filled with antioxidants. These gummies have both a sour kick and many nausea-fighting ingredients.

Gummy Sour Mix

Maybe you can’t choose a single gummy to order. That’s okay! We -

have a Gummy Sour Mix made just for occasions such as this one. Our Gummy Sour Mix has multiple flavors including orange, apple, cola, lemon, strawberry, tutti frutti, and watermelon. This colorful mix contains both citric acid to fight bacteria and malic acid to prevent dry mouth. Just like our other gummies in this series, our sour mix is a perfect way to curb nausea before it ever starts.

Which Gummy Should I Buy?

Who knew that gummy candies could be so beneficial when it comes to preventing nausea? Nausea can have a lot of different causes. Preventing or curing it is not a one-size-fits-all situation. In fact, some nausea may be completely unavoidable. 

Still, our sour gummy selection can be a great place to start. Not only do all of our gummies offer the bacteria-fighting powers of citric acid, but each one has unique nausea fighting properties.

We suggest that we choose a sour gummy based on the flavors you like rather than focusing only on health benefits. After all, who wants to eat a bag of green apple gummies when their favorite flavor is pineapple? If you aren’t sure which flavor you like, try starting with our gummy sour mix. You will definitely find a flavor (or two!) to love. 

Our 5 Sour Candies to Help with Nausea list isn’t exhaustive, either! We also offer other varieties of sour candies that you may want to check out in the future. We even have gummy candies paired with chamoy to aid in digestion as a spicy yet sour treat. So, next time you are searching for something small to kickstart your body’s natural nausea fighting abilities, think of our gummies. 

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