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10 Games to Play with Jelly Beans | L’Orenta Nuts

Products Posted on February 16, 2022

10 Games to Play with Jelly Beans | L’Orenta Nuts

Jelly Beans are a load of fun all by themselves! Here are 10 games to play with Jelly Belly Beans! There are ways to use them for spontaneity. Now it’s time to look into some of the Jelly Bean games you can try for parties and other occasions. 

The first Jelly Bean idea is to keep track of how many games we really give you. And, guess what? Our games are not just for kids, and they’re for more than parties too. We hope you’re ready to read what we have in store. It’s time to have a bunch of Jelly Bean gaming fun with L’Orenta! 

Jelly Bean Party Games

Let’s start off with the popular topic of Guess How Many. First there’s one that’s familiar, then we’ll gear up and go from there!

Guess How Many Jelly Beans in the Jar

You get to do the counting for this game!

Goodies, Supplies, & Instructions

  1. Get a heavy duty clear glass jar of generous size, at least a quart. Remember, you have to count all of the beans that fit inside. And that means right to the tippity top.
  2. Select the flavors for the jar. Our suggestion is the 49 Jelly Belly jelly bean assortment. So many beautiful colors and flavors await the winner. We suggest buying at least five pounds, including what you want for favors. The bigger your party, the more you’ll want!
  3. Give each of your party guests a slip of paper. Better yet, make them colored papers that match the jelly beans’ colors! Tell each person to write their name and the number of beans in the jar on the paper.
  4. Add an extra twist to the guessing game. Place a batch of beans in a smaller jar, letting your guests know how many are in that one. This comparison piece adds an extra level of fun.
  5. The winner is the kid who guesses the number closest to the jelly beans in the big jar.

The Guess How Many Jelly Beans in the Jar game is intended for

Jelly-belly-peach-bowl-www Lorentanuts Com Chocolate Trailmix

early elementary school age children. In reality, it’s fun for older kids too! Remember, Birthday Fun in a Box has lots of fun ideas for your next party.

Jelly Bean Count-by-Colors Beach Party Game

Your guests do the counting for this tropically themed party game!

Goodies, Supplies, & Instructions

  1. Purchase at least five pounds of Tropical Jelly Belly jelly beans from L’Orenta. 
  2. Fill small paper cups to the top with a batch of the yummy tropical beans.
  3. Give each guest a large paper plate for counting out their jelly beans.
  4. Set a timer for 5, 10, or 15 minutes, depending on the age of your guests.
  5. Get ready, on your mark, go! The kids pour their beans onto their plates.
  6. Next, they sort their beans by color.
  7. They pick the color with the most beans and count how many.
  8. The guest with the most beans in one color wins. Watch out! There may be a two or three-way tie.
  9. The winner(s) get a bag of Tropical Beans to take home. 


Even though this is a game for children ages 7 to 10 years, it’s silly fun for older kids too.

Jelly Bean Holiday Artwork Games

Cherry-vanilla-cola-jelly-belly-bowl-www Lorentanuts Com Bridge Mix

An artist used Jelly Belly jelly beans to create a portrait of President Reagan. You won’t need nearly as many as the 10 thousand in that one when you create jelly bean holiday games. Here are some artsy ideas to get you going! These can be munched when done. Or, if you prefer, have your guestw glue the beans to the plates so they can take their artwork home.

Valentine’s Jelly Bean Hearts

You’ll be a hit as this game is non-competitive, so everyone wins! Your guests will L’Ove that, just as we at L’Orenta love sharing our gourmet nuts and goodies with you.

Goodies, Supplies, & Instructions

  1. Be a sweetheart and order some Jelly Belly Snapple Mix jelly beans or the Very Cherry option. Of course, you can select other flavors to further embellish your guests’ heart designs.
  2. Find some lush paper or cloth napkins on which they can design their hearts. Either way, they can wrap their jelly beans in these to take home. That is, if any are left over!
  3. Use the free-for-all approach, letting chatter and laughter lead the way for a sweetheart of a time.

This game is for kids of all ages and stages! Be sure to order plenty of jelly beans, including some for your friends to take home.

St. Patty’s Day Jelly Bean Shamrock  

You don’t have to be Irish to love St. Patty’s Day. It lets us know

Green-apple-licorice-jelly-belly-top-1-www Lorentanuts Com Trail Mix

Spring is right around the corner. That means you’ll want a batch of green jelly beans for fashioning a lively Shamrock, or maybe a 4-leaf clover. Of course, that’s for good luck!

Goodies, Supplies, & Instructions

  1. Purchase a total of 5 pounds of the following for up to 6 guests. Your Shamrock artists will make their edible creations with bright Jelly Belly Green Apple, the darker green Jelly Belly Watermelon, and yellow/white accents of Buttered Popcorn.
  2. Buy some sturdy paper plates in a color that goes well with your shamrock designs.
  3. Give each person a variety of jelly bean colors. Let them know these will be theirs to eat when done.
  4. You get to decide if you want your game to be about:
    1. Speed of making the design
    2. Quality of the final design
    3. Which looks most like a shamrock
  5. Turn this into an adult Drinking Game by:
    1. Having green beer on hand
    2. Taking a drink after placing every X number of jelly beans on the plate
    3. Giving the winner a 6-pack of beer and pound of jelly beans

This can be a game for your family or drinking buddies. Either way, please munch and drink responsibly.

Thanksgiving Jelly Bean Turkey Time

This is a play on the trace-your-hand Turkeys done in preschool and kindergarten classrooms across the country. Instead of using crayons to color each turkey, your artists will use jelly beans! They may want to make several turkeys, as long as they have enough jelly beans to bring home.

Goodies, Supplies, & Instructions

  1. Buy a nice stack of sturdy paper plates, several bottles of paper glue, pencils, and q-tips for applying the glue.
  2. Better have some wet wipes handy for little fingers that get goopy with the glue and jelly beans.
  3. Select jelly beans for the turkeys. We like Root Beer, Sunkist Tangerine, and Candy Apple. That last one’s just like Grandma’s Thanksgiving apple pie!
  4. Have each child trace their hand–yes, they may need some help with this.
  5. Next, have them pick out the beans they want to use. Show them how to place each one in their design.
  6. The next step is to carefully glue each jelly bean in place using the q-tips. 
  7. While the Jelly Bean Turkeys are drying, your guests can have lunch or a hearty snack followed by dessert. Yes, that will involve jelly beans too!


This game is for young children, though we’re pretty sure even those in 3rd or 4th grade would like to do this. After all, there’re jelly beans involved! 

Jelly Bean Active Games

We all know jelly beans roll around when they somehow get loose. That means it’s time to get moving like they do! 

4th of July Jelly Bean Bag Fun 

This game is all about the Red, White, and Blue! It can be about the U.S. Flag, or stars, stripes, and fireworks. Let your imagination loose with this game. Why, you can pick something physical to do outside, or in if the weather gets sour. Speaking of sour, you’ll want to order up some good ‘ol country flavors for this game! That is, if we can find some we haven’t already presented here.

Goodies, Supplies, & Instructions

  1. This Jelly Belly Sour Assortment is loaded with color and pucker power. Sour apple, grape, lemon, and orange will make your taste buds pop just like a sparkler! Be sure to buy a bunch for putting together the bean bags.
  2. Sure, you can sew up your own bean bags, or order some online. Another approach is to double up on plastic bags to see how long they last.
  3. This bean bag toss can be a water event with contestants aiming to send their bags through a floaty ring in a large or small pool. Yup, everything gets soggy. The idea here is to get wet and wild!
  4. Save out plenty of dry jelly beans for prizes and favors.


This game is a hit with all ages! It’s especially good for middle-school aged kids.

Shoot Hoops with Dr. Pepper

Vanilla Dr. Pepper is one flavor of beans that’s sure to please

Dr -pepper-jelly-belly-www Lorentanuts Com -1 Jelly Belly Tropical

while shooting hoops. Added to that, it doesn’t take much preparation. It’s the cleanup that can get a little messy! You’ll see why as you read on. 

Goodies, Supplies, & Instructions

  1. Purchase small, hollow rubber balls and a roll of duct tape.
  2. Partly fill each ball with the Dr. Pepper jelly beans or any flavor you prefer. Order a bunch as some will literally bite the dust.
  3. Give players the goal of making points by saving the balls from smashing onto your court or garage setup.
    1. Yup, someone sets up the shot.
    2. The winners are the ones who are the best at catching…even the throws that miss the hoop!


This game is planned for older kids, including those who are still young at heart!

Jelly Bean Drinking Games

You’ve already read about one drinking game option. Here are two more featuring tried and true games with a jelly bean twist.

Jelly Bean Bingo 

Yup, instead of winning cash, your party pals get to drink, maybe snack some on jelly beans, and have a few laughs. This game works for groups small or large, quiet or rowdy. 

Goodies, Supplies, & Instructions

  1. Go through the descriptions above to see what flavors suit your fancy. If you’re having a tough time deciding, you might as well go with Jelly Belly 49 Flavor as they’re so much fun!
  2. While you’re looking over the jelly bean flavors, order up some Bingo cards from this wide selection. Wow–some even come in jelly bean colors!
  3. Play Bingo the usual way. The only hitch is making up your drinking rules. Some ideas include:
    1. A player can take a sip when they place their first bean.
    2. They can drink again after they have 3 beans on their card. Yup, you’ll have to keep a close eye on everyone.
    3. Then they can drink more when they score.

Although this is a drinking game for those 21 and older, it can be adapted, without booze, for a younger crowd. 

Jelly Bean Checkers

This game is fun with a few friends, especially those who are somewhat serious about playing checkers. Given the rules, they’re likely to loosen up after a while.

Goodies, Supplies, & Instructions

  1. Unless you want to design your own checkerboards, you can find some here. The nice part is these can be easily wiped down after each use.
  2. Now it’s time to select jelly beans! And we have just the right ones for this game.
    1. Licorice is for the black ‘pieces’ with Very Cherry and Sizzling Cinnamon assuming the ‘red’ role.
    2. Be sure to order extras of these and others for game favors.
  3. Make up your own rules for when your gamers can imbibe their favored beverage. 

Yes, this drinking game for those of age can be adapted for younger players and teatotalers. 

The L’Orenta Jelly Bean Jamboree!

Snapple-mix-jelly-belly-www Lorentanuts Com Jelly Belly Tropical

We’re leaving the best for last! We wanted to add one more idea for enjoying our yummy Jelly Belly jelly bean varieties with family and friends. Your jamboree might be a junior-sized event such as a smallish party. Or it might be an all-out bash to celebrate something stupendous. Regardless, L’Orenta is front and center. 

Goodies, Supplies, & Instructions

  1. Pick a theme. L’Orenta is located in San Antonio Texas, so anything with a western fits. Then again, we do sell gourmet products, so an event with some cosmopolitan flare is also fitting. 
  2. Of course, jelly beans are the featured item. That means guests will be asked to:
    1. Keep jiving while diving for more jelly beans, including Jelly Belly Cocktail jelly beans.
    2. Join in fair-style games like Jelly Bean target practice. Award jelly bean one-pound bag prizes for winners who aim well and score high. 
    3. Submit their most clever Jelly Bean recipes. 
    4. Enter their latest Jelly Bean art to be judged by a group of middle school art students. 
    5. You got it, Jelly Bean prizes await the winning participants!

There you have it 10 games to play with Jelly Belly. Remember party central is right here at 

L’Orenta Gourmet Nuts & Goodies

Order today for your next celebration!


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