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Hazelnut Cake Recipe

Posted on September 19th, 2022
Hazelnut Cake scaled

Written By Sam Henselijn

Hazelnut Cake is an easy to make recipe. Ever had a delicious piece of Hazelnut cake? It is even more delicious with fondant, and a sure bet that you will love it. You can enjoy a piece of this cake with friends or a tall glass of drink you desire. The ingredients are easy to get, and the procedure is straightforward. Make it today!

Ingredients Hazelnut Cake

  • Baking powder (1 tablespoon)
  • Hazelnuts (1 teacup)
  • Orange juice (⅓ teacup)
  • Natural yogurt (1 jar of 160g)
  • Oil (1 cup)
  • Eggs (3)
  • Sugar (2 cups of 400g)
  • Wheat flour (2 cups of 300g)
  • Fondant Icing
  • Chopped Hazelnut s (4)
  • Orange juice (2 tablespoons)
  • Lemon juice (2 tablespoons)
  • Icing sugar (1 cup)

Method Hazelnut Cake

In a mixer bowl, put the oil, sugar, and eggs and beat them. Next, chop the Hazelnuts until they become tiny on a board. Remember to sift the wheat flour before putting it alongside orange juice and yogurt in the mixer bowl. Pour in the Hazelnut s and reserved baking powder, then mix well. 

Pour the mixture into an oil-greased pan. Add flour and mix, then put the mixture in an oven already preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow baking until the mixture turns light gold which usually takes about 50 minutes. Take out of the oven and allow to cool.

The Icing Hazelnut Cake

Put all the icing ingredients into a mixer bowl and mix to form a homogeneous and smooth cream. Use the topping to cover the cake and add the chopped nuts. You can serve it with any drink of your choice.

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Hazelnut-cake - Hazelnut Cake Recipe

Can hazelnut cake be made gluten-free?

Yes, hazelnut cake can easily be made gluten-free by substituting traditional wheat flour with a gluten-free flour blend or using more ground hazelnuts in place of some or all of the flour. This not only makes the cake suitable for those with gluten sensitivities but also intensifies the hazelnut flavor.

What are some common toppings or fillings for hazelnut cake?

Common toppings and fillings for hazelnut cake include chocolate ganache, which complements the nutty flavor of the hazelnuts beautifully, whipped cream for a lighter touch, and praline for added crunch. Hazelnut liqueur or extract can also be used in the batter or frosting to enhance the cake’s hazelnut flavor.

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