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Recipe | Airfryer Crispy Walnut Gyoza | L’Orenta Nuts

Recipes Posted on May 11, 2022

Airfryer Crispy Walnut Gyoza | L’Orenta Nuts

This is the perfect recipe for people that want a meal without meat. Instead of meat, the Crispy Gyoza is filled with nuts. Using an Airfryer to cook will cut the fat and give the Gyoza a crunchy texture. Here are the steps this make this easy dish!


  • One tablespoon of soy sauce 
  • One teaspoon of black pepper 
  • One teaspoon of sugar 
  • One teaspoon of roasted Sesame oil 
  • Forty round dumpling wrappers 
  • Non-stick cooking spray 
  • One tablespoon of fresh minced ginger 
  • One tablespoon of minced garlic 
  • Two cups of shredded cabbage 
  • Two and a half cups of grounded L’Orenta walnuts 
  • One-quarter cup of thinly sliced onions 

Ingredients for the Sauce 

  • One-quarter cup of soy sauce 
  • Half cup of rice vinegar 
  • One tablespoon of toasted sesame oil 
  • One tablespoon of thinly sliced green onion tops 
  • Red onion flakes and a large pinch of sugar - Recipe | Airfryer Crispy Walnut Gyoza | L’Orenta Nuts

Directions for Crispy Walnut Gyoza 

Step 1  

Start by putting the cabbage on a microwave-safe plate. Then, microwave on high for about one minute. Use your paper towels to take out any excess moisture. 

Step 2

The walnuts, garlic, green onions, soy sauce, pepper, sesame oil, and sugar should all be placed in a bowl and mixed using the hands. 

Step 3

Take two teaspoons of filler and fill into the center of each dumpling wrapper. Moisten the edges of each wrapper with your finger. Fold the dumpling wrappers in half and press the edges to seal. You can make it decorative by making seven small pleats around the edges. 

Step 4

Preheat your Airfryer to about 375 degrees Fahrenheit and coat each dumpling with cooking spray on each side. Work in batches by placing a single layer in the Airfryer and cooking for about six minutes. You can turn them halfway through if you want to.

Step 5 

Serve with warm dumplings after stirring all your sauce ingredients in a bowl. 

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