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Do Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans  Give You Energy? | L’Orenta Nuts

Products Posted on February 1, 2022

Do Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Give You Energy? | L’Orenta Nuts

For any of us who like a cup of coffee or two, caffeine’s energizing quality gets our day off to a good start.Do chocolate covered espresso beans give you energy? That’s exactly what L’Orenta chocolate covered espresso beans will do for you, just as they do for so many others. That includes a pick-me-up when you want an energy boost. Why wait? Today’s the day to learn about chocolate covered espresso bean qualities, including their special benefits. These are about keeping you healthy, as well as happy!

Espresso Bean Tidbits

Part of exploring espresso beans becoming part of your daily routine includes information gathering. Sure, you’re interested in flavor and freshness. Ours are so fresh they pop when chewed. This releases their bold flavor that’s all wrapped up in gleamingly rich dark chocolate. The experience is so luxurious, you’re encouraged to chew slowly as you delight in the flavor of each layer. 

You’ve also heard they can be good for you. What’s up with that? Is what you’re hearing really true? We’re here to give you information that’s upfront and quite revealing, along with letting you know how the beans compare to coffee.

How Much Caffeine is in An Espresso Bean?

Dark-chocolate-espresso-beans-bowl-top-view-www Lorentanuts Com Protein Punch

Each milk chocolate-covered espresso bean has 5-10 milligrams (mg) of caffeine, whereas those covered in dark chocolate have 6-11 mg per bean. That compares with an average of 95 mg of caffeine for your 8-ounce cup of Joe. 

Here’s some points to keep in mind:

  • Munching on espresso beans delivers caffeine more quickly than drinking coffee
    • That’s because caffeine absorption begins in your mouth
    • Caffeine’s energy effect is due to its being a mild central nervous stimulant
    • One benefit of munching on espresso beans is being able to pace yourself better than gulping a beverage
    • Caffeine, regardless of the source, boosts mental alertness
  • You’re looking at about 10 chocolate covered beans in place of a cup of coffee 
    • Start out by figuring the number of beans it takes to boost your energy to a desired level

Why It’s Safe to Eat Espresso Beans

  • Coffee beans are really seeds. Yup, they come from the coffee cherry fruit that isn’t very tasty. 
    • Yet, oolala, those seeds sure are!
    • That is when they’re roasted to espresso perfection, justDark-chocolate-espresso-beans-lorenta-nuts Espresso Beansas they are at L’Orenta!
    • Espresso beans are roasted longer and darker than those for coffee, thus reducing acidity—that adds kindness for your stomach
  • Count your beans to stay within the FDA’s recommended caffeine intake limit of 400 milligrams per day
    • Keep your intake to half that when pregnant
    • Believe it or not, other factors affect caffeine’s absorption–things like smoking that speeds up breakdown and contraceptives that slow it
  • It’s easy to plan your espresso bean munching by:
    • Observing the right amount for the energy level you want
    • Knowing when to stop espresso-bean eating for your slumber’s sake

Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans Come With Benefits

Espresso beans come with an array of health benefits delivered quite nicely with each delectable bite. They contain:

  • Fiber that aids digestion 
  • Chlorogenic acid, a tongue-twister term for a polyphenol that promotes health, as it likely limits inflammation and the risk of diabetes
  • Dark chocolate covered espresso beans contain even more of these polyphenols than plain espresso beans. 
    • L’Orenta dark chocolate is everso good as it’s made from cacao powder 
    • That’s as good for your circulatory system as it is for digestion
  • Along with protecting blood pressure, you gain the superpower of anti-oxidants!
    • Those cruise through your system scavenging free radicals, the nasty unpaired electrons that damage cells
    • Free radicals create oxidative stress, leading to all kinds of ailments you’d rather avoid 

Espresso Bean Adventures

Now that you’re realizing there are several rewards associated with munching chocolate covered espresso beans, think of including them in adventures! One way is to purchase them in one and five-pound options so you have plenty for when you travel or head out for a day on the trail or slopes. 

Espresso Expression and Espresso Boost combine chocolate covered espresso beans with dried nuts and fruits. Each one is designed to keep your energy balanced, giving you an extra boost when desired. All the while your appetite is satisfied, as is your palate. You’ll find that these are really welcomed at work too!

Bulk Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans 

Espresso-expression-1-pound-lorenta-nuts Natural Almonds

Speaking of the workplace, buying our chocolate covered espresso beans in the 5-pound option is sure to put smiles on colleagues’ faces. Added to that you can buy Island Life Trail Mix if you’re planning a conference and want a special treat. When that’s the plan, consider buying it in a 10 or 25-pound bulk case. If you’re hosting a party with a tropical theme, it’s easy to do the same or buy this enticing mix in 1 and 5-pound options. 

Cocoa Espresso Beans as Gifts

It’s fun and thoughtful to give someone one of L’Orenta’s gifts that includes our richly coated dark chocolate espresso beans. These are mixed and matched in the most espresso beans of ways for family, friends, and colleagues near and far! 

That’s why it’s time to dig into the enticing and energizing chocolate-covered espresso beans from L’Orenta. You’ll be glad you did!

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