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Why You Should Snack on Dried Fruits

Our Products Posted on March 30, 2022

Do you want to snack on some sugar but want to avoid processed treats? Dried fruits are the healthiest and more tasteful choice for you! But what is a dry fruit actually? Dig into dried fruits.

Basically, it is a fruit that has had almost all of its water content removed. They can be dried through different protocols: naturally, sun drying, or even a specialized dehydrator that shrinks the fruit, leaving behind a small, energy-dense dried fruit. If you love to cook yourself, you can even buy one of these dehydrators and test your homemade recipes. Nutrient-dense, they contain fiber, potassium, and different phenolic compounds. They can help you increase your daily fruit and vegetable consumption.

The drying process maintains the dried fruit taste and nutritive value! Dried fruit does not contain any added sugars or juices. When it is the case, it is called a candied dried fruit, as tasty but very much more caloric due to its sugar density. 

There is a large variety of dried fruits with no added sugars to help you color your plates such as dried kiwis (sweet and zingy for your digestive system), mangos (great outdoors adventures snacks), and pears (easy to slice up in a salad). 

They provide a number of interesting benefits to your overall health: 

  • A high level of fiber boosts both your immune and digestive systems. 
  • Different antioxidants fight chronic illnesses and reduce the risks of heart disease, diabetes, and other health conditions. 
  • Variety of micronutrients and minerals for beautiful skin, hair, and a significant increase of energy. Did you even know that dried apricots are good for your vision? 

But in order to take care of your health and enjoy your treats at the same time, you have to keep in mind that you have to watch the quantities you eat. Dried fruits are a great addition to your daily routine but are not a pass to overindulge. It’s not because they are healthy that you can eat an unlimited quantity. In fact, dried fruits do contain a high level of sugar, even higher than fresh fruits (it depends on which one). So enjoy, but be mindful of your daily consumption and do not snack compulsively on it. Look at the calories and sugar intakes on your packages and you will realize how quickly it goes!

L’Orenta Dried Fruits

To not get bored eating over and over again the same dried fruit.

Dried-pineapple-www Lorentanuts Com Diced Pineapples

Mixing and matching will give you a range of essential nutrients when enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet. We love to mix pineapples and dates for example! Pineapples are the favorite tropical dried fruit, they are great to fight inflammation and their intensely sweet taste makes them a favorite post-workout snack. Dates are also full of antioxidants, improve gut health, can help reduce weight and increase hemoglobin levels. 

Some dried fruits also have a very sugary taste to help you with your cravings like golden raisins (kids love them too). You can use them on your diet to help fight anemia, acidity, and constipation. They are amazing because you can snack on them in their natural form but also bake them to make homemade granola, cereal, or create your own trail mix recipe (a great snack for an active lifestyle). 

Should you choose dried fruits or real fruits?

Fresh fruits are of course a very good option, you should never pass the occasion of eating fresh and organic fruit for all its ingredients. But dried fruits contain many of the same benefits and some others like easier storage, transportation, and conservation.  

For example, dried fruits have a longer shelf life and can be stored without refrigeration (greatly appreciated for vegan snacks).

They are great ingredients that come in very handy to add

Golden-raisins-bowl-top-view-www Lorentanuts Com Protein Punch

diversity and taste to vegetarian and vegan recipes because they are an amazing source of plant-based protein. Indeed, these particular diets require organic, raw, and mostly fresh products that are easy to cook and use in different recipes. 

Vegans tend to lack iron and calcium because they don’t eat meat and dairy products, which can be found in prunes and figs. Prunes are well known for helping build bone and muscle, reduce cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure. Figs are good for your bones too and can help warn off the growth of cancer cells. 

There are so many recipes that you can try! You can add your dried fruits to yogurts, cookies, compotes, porridge, snack bars, granola, waffles, and jams. You can also mix them with fresh vegetables and almond milk for shakes, or just raw in salads. With dried fruits such as cranberries, you can prepare a vinaigrette for your goat cheese and arugula salad with nuts to die for! 

Tell us, which dried fruit is your favorite and how do you cook it?

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