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Crazy for Wasabi  | L’Orenta Nuts

Products Posted on April 1, 2022

Crazy for Wasabi  | L’Orenta Nuts

Wasabi, also known as Japanese horseradish, is mostly cultivated in Japan. It has an extremely strong and stimulating flavor accompanied by a burning sensation. Learn more about wasabi and get crazy for wasabi!

The pungency of wasabi comes from mustard oil which is derived from cruciferous vegetables. The Cruciferae family is related to plants like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, horseradish and mustard greens.

Wild wasabi can only be found growing in certain areas of Japan. Farmers in other locations around the world, including the U.S., have attempted to recreate the environmental conditions best for cultivating it.

What does wasabi taste like?

The wasabi plant is part of the mustard family. The taste is similar to yellow mustard, but a lot spicier. What’s different however, is that you’ll actually feel the spice through your nose as well as on your tongue! 

This is because much of the flavor and spiciness is released through vapors. When you eat it, you should feel its bite traveling through your nostrils and permeating your whole head.

The health benefits of wasabi

The potential medicinal uses of wasabi have caught the attention of the medical community. Its well-documented antibacterial properties alleviate symptoms experienced when dealing with allergies, asthma, cancer, inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases.

  1. Prevents food-borne illness as well as tooth decay

Wasabi is a natural antimicrobial agent often used with raw fish. This is due to certain protein-based vapors that it naturally produces when added. These vapors help deter the development of yeast, mold and bacteria.

Interestingly, research shows that it can also help prevent tooth decay and cavities by destroying the bacteria that may cause it.

  1. Combats Cancer Cells

Wasabi contains powerful sulfur-containing phytonutrients with strong anticancer effects. They occur naturally in cruciferous vegetables, like wasabi. When the raw vegetables are chewed, the plant cells are broken down and an enzyme called myrosinase converts into one of these phytonutrients.

Their anticancer effects occur as they neutralize cancer causing

Wasabi-soy-cashews-top-bowl-www Lorentanuts Com Jelly Belly Italian Biscotti

chemicals, or carcinogens. Studies have shown that they may help prevent lung cancer and esophageal cancer and can help lower the risk of other cancers, including gastrointestinal cancer. That means you can add wasabi to the list of cancer-fighting foods.

  1. May Help Reduce Pain Caused by Inflammation

The compounds in wasabi might also help scientists develop a new treatment for pain. These same protein based vapors (isothiocyanates) block certain pain receptors, which would make for a useful painkiller.

  1. Improves Gut Health

Studies show that the addition of wasabi to the diet  may suppress bacteria found in the gut that play a role in gastric inflammation and possibly even stomach cancer.  

Wasabi peas are a great option for the intestinal tract since they help remove toxic substances from your body by helping eliminate the possibility of getting diverticulitis complications. The detox happens because the peas are high-fiber foods

A significant medicinal benefit that wasabi provides is also better health for plants by inhibiting the growth of plant pathogens, thus  improving crop yields.

One study conducted at Chiba University’s Laboratory of Plant Cell Technology in Japan notes that using it on potatoes made them more disease-resistant.  Another study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology shows the same when applied to tomatoes. This could make it a great option for natural disease management.

Are you wasabi-curious?   

Here at L’Orenta Nuts we carry a variety of wasabi seasoned


foods including Wasabi Soy Cashews: a savory snack with a kick, bringing a unique flavor only enjoyed by L’Orenta.  The nuts are a great source of phytochemicals, proteins, anti-oxidants, healthy fats, and copper which helps your body maintain healthy hair, nails, and skin. .    

Another wasabi snack selection is L’Orenta’s Wasabi Peas.  This memorable selection will tickle your taste buds and excite your senses with every bite. 

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